Millions of American adults are tormented by methamphetamine use, and the implications of their actions while under the influence.

Meth is the most insidious of drugs–like that apple, it’s cheap, available, and a ready substitute for actual affection or love.

It leads us to abuse our pleasure centers, sometimes with prodigious amounts of porn, which produces crippling shame.

This is something men rarely talk about in real life, except to acknowledge it subtly, as a humerous aside.

Perhaps when one is among the unhoused, dignity is at low ebb anyway, so it comes up. Plus, meth is an ever-present tool the devil gleefully offers.

I’ve heard or read this from several men, including the Apostle Paul: I hate the things I do, and I do the things I hate.

Remember, God has already forgiven you, but you won’t feel it until you ask. He will forgive the wasting of the God-seed, and even forgive the ‘worshipping another god’ element of extended porn viewing. (I’m sure that He feels that if we’re going to spend that much non-working time looking at something, we really aught to be looking at Him.)

He forgives us because His Son Jesus Christ died in agony on the cross for those sins, for those and every other one.

We need only ask.