Still waiting for more li’l demons to pipe up.

I hope they know that our Father loves them, and so do we in this church.

We’re obligated to forgive any sins any goblin commits against us by the forgiveness we’ve already received.

When I look around, I see children. Most importantly, I see myself as a child, prone to stumble.

I see us all on a wondrous playground, with temptations and challenges in every direction.

Is it necessary to publicly ridicule the goblins of Ventura County? I submit it is not. We’ll see, I suppose.

As I said at the Mission, if you’re really committed to the demon lifestyle of never ever having anything ever, of never being praised or rewarded for anything, please clear out of our county. And I recommend you steer clear of Chino and Vegas.

Like any virus, you’ll begin to withdraw naturally as the environment becomes less inviting, as the campaign of ridicule and demoralization commences in earnest.

Just replace all those old punchlines like jew or polish person (I’m old!) with ‘demons’.

How many demons does it take to screw in a lightbulb? All of them–they’re dumb as bags of hammers!