A tragedy in three parts.

As this case progressed, I was moved on three occasions to write something about it. The following is a distillation of my view of the thing as it veered toward its cynical, dispiriting semi-conclusion.

I gotta say, these Jussie memes I just looked at for the first time…rough.


First, it becomes painfully apparent what has happened. Jussie is at the center of an almost indescribably evil hoax, one that falsely portrays his political opponents and their ilk as unimaginably twisted, psychopathic racists and gay bashers. His ‘political opponents’…c’mon, he’s an actor.

Someone’s political opponents, let’s say.

Someone with a vested interest in, say, bringing the modern-day lynching of a black man by white folks to national prominence. Hey, when something like that actually happens, it’ll come to national prominence, don’t worry. That’s a media fever-dream. But don’t sit around praying for it because you smell money, and don’t manufacture it, please.

I wrote this when everyone, except Jussie, understood the big picture. I felt for the young man, and still do.

Leave Jussie Alone

Can you imagine what he’s going through? The answer is no. We cannot. He has and will suffer profoundly before the first day of court even convenes.

Jussie has a condition, one that we all share. It’s the human condition.

When we’re deprived of genuine love and compassion, we begin to come undone. We lose sight of the wondrous gifts that God gave all of us and, without the daily reminders of love that close friends or family can provide, we can lose our identity into depression and self-harming behavior.

Jussie has been blessed to find more than a couple of his gifts, but instead of continuing to look for more gifts, he found himself disdainful of the ones he was putting to work.

He started to see his pay rate as the sole barometer of his success and, even though he’s so young, he felt he wasn’t matching up.

Everyone is competitive, that’s natural. But if money was all that mattered, he’d probably have let his career mature before feeling like he was falling behind.

It seems most likely that he just hasn’t found what he wants his main shtick to be yet. He hasn’t found what he loves to do the most.

Once the decision to involve seasoned cops was unfortunately made (are there more ‘seasoned’ cops than Chicago cops?) and this thing took on a life of its own, he has been in full-on panic mode, every second of every minute.

Regardless of any good intentions of those who love him, Jussie felt he was all alone, on a sinking island, surrounded by sharks

Then, his despair was profound. Now, he’s in the water. He doesn’t need hatred or derision now, he needs help– just like he did a few weeks ago.

Got some extra hatred and derision? Well, first take it down a notch, obviously. Yikes.

Then, direct it at those who are desperately trying to convince us of the race divide. Direct it at those who sell the pain. Those thirsters for blood and anguish…the coin
of their realm the well-presented lie, elaborately told.

For the folks who have a party going on inside them when they think of what Mr. Smollett has to face now…straighten up and act right. Write or talk about what happened and what it means, but don’t enjoy someone else’s pain.

I suggest we shut down the Jussie hate by ignoring it. Why in the world would anyone watch something like this, anyway? Watch a baby laugh for a minute on YouTube, then get back to work. Don’t worry about Jussie.

Direct it toward those who profit when blacks and whites can be convinced they don’t love each other.

And don’t buy in, not for a minute. We have miles to go before we’re clear of racism and other exclusionary ideologies, but it’s coming.


Then, a couple more weeks later, after his arrest and indictment on several thousand felonies:

Leave Jussie Alone pt 2

Let’s not feel good when he has to perp walk some more. We’re better than that. Let’s make it a point to turn away from Jussie-hunting media.

Let’s start thinking of each other, and ourselves, as children. Not our children, not even His children. Just children, just as we are, on a playground filled with beautiful, mysterious, gift-wrapped things.

Let’s forgive others when they stumble, and forgive ourselves for not being perfect. When the things on the playground turn out to be gifts from our Father, let’s explore them in depth while continuing a focused search for the others.

If you know Jussie, help him find God inside himself again. Restore that connection, and Jussie can be made whole, even before he does any time. Jussie Smollett will emerge a new and better person with a far more interesting and rewarding life.

Let’s face it–most of these over the top race hate reports are hoaxes and are stoked into flame by those who make money from this kind of profound pain, when they’re able to manufacture it.

We simply DO NOT hate each other like they want us to think we do. Not along racial lines, not along any lines.

I never, ever see it and I’m always where you would think it would most often flare. That’s the newsflash. Sorry, media. ‘Racism’ is your bag, not ours.

If you spend your days watching people fail on YouTube and then writing ‘yeah’ in the comments…look harder for your gifts, please.

Free Jussie!


Finally, the horrific conclusion, a complete whitewash of everything, Jussie falls alone in exchange for no time. So blatantly corrupt that Rahm himself was moved to words.

Leave Jussie Alone, pt.3

The charges were suddenly dropped in one of the most overt, ham-handed betrayals of public trust that you’ll ever see. Gee, I wonder if those guys who had the anti-lynching legislation drawn up and ready for the day after his fake lynching had anything to do with all that? Hey! HEY! We SEE you!

And this couldn’t have worked out for the devil any better, could it? It’s almost as if that little weasel knew that Jussie was going to be forgiven and restored, and made it 1000 times more difficult for him. It would have pleased him more if the hoax had somehow worked, but he’ll settle for what he’s got: Jussie.

Because now, Jussie can’t confess and get any mileage out of it. He’s a little like O.J., but without all the murder, without any story to tell. A pariah that no one wants to redeem. He has to stick to his long-ago dismissed story, while friends turn away and Hollywood gags at the idea of casting him, assuming Hollywood can gag.

As always, we know who to thank for all this stoking of fake racial hatred, all this lying and counterfeit concern.

Jussie thinks the press are now going to be friendly and helpful to him, as he prepares his lawsuit against the city of Chicago. They will not.

Now, he’s the guy who fooled them, though he ain’t the one who made fools of them. They managed that all on their own.

Here’s a small piece of journalistic advice: if the local writers aren’t acting giddy like you are, you might want to hold fire.



Well, Jussie…they, or we, aren’t quite finished with you, it appears. In America, if you’ve made enough official-type folks embarrassed enough, they might find a way to extend your torment, even after the charges have been dropped. That’s happened, now.

So you still have that decision on your table. Why not seize the momentum back for yourself and confess your way to salvation? As long as Hollywood senses that you still carry seething hatred inside you for our President, they’ll support your every move. They’ll act hurt, but they won’t be.

If your next act is ‘contrition’, make it a good one.

You’re a good person, just like the rest of us. File ‘politics’ next to other things of mild interest in your life, and move on.

Reclaim your own life, it’s right there in front of you. Start out clean and stay that way. Choose love over hate, and know that there are folks out here that understand what happened to you and want you to emerge renewed and restored.

Find God inside you and thank Him for all He’s given you, and remember that there exists no provision for not being forgiven: ask, and you will receive. That’s how it works.

Good luck going forward. I know you can do this.