Dealing with malware on laptop, so I’m producing this messy media from not having access to proper tools on public computers. This is exactly the kind of thing that can put a seizure in one’s step when they’re trying to come up. Can set a person back a week, like me, or off track for months, maybe for ever.

Any way, starting to talk about large-scale level two shelters…a computer lab, instrument room, library, all that. Mandatory. Especially a computer lab.

These projects are the backbone of the larger project. Or of one larger objective: to restore His children to their most loving and productive state.

By the time that happens, ‘homelessness’ will not be a thing. It might very well become a thing anew, as people choose to live out there for some period of time.

Remember, in the perfect world–paradise, let’s call it–everyone does what they want to do. Everyone recieves equal compensation and lives a mid to upper middle class life, by income standards.

That’s not wealthy. But it is the ‘minimum wage’ we should be aiming for. But in that perfect world, we would have such an affecting sense of community and such a connection to His loving gifts and ability to self-realize dreams…money just stops mattering.

I know because I don’t have any! So…no stock tips today.

Want more money? Do something! There’s no cap on earnings in paradise. Why would there be?