In Oxnard for the next few months, it looks like. Currently stuck in an ethical and moral dilemma. 

I’ve been working on hoping to provide a resource for the unhoused to register and enter a discovery phase involving Myers-Briggs and aptitude testing, then help them monetize their knowledge according to what they are interested in doing. Same thing we’ll be doing in Vegas, and everywhere else.  I ran into a few snags when preparing to pitch the solution to homelessness to a wider audience. I was compelled to comment on a couple of the more blatant abuses I was witnessing, and the reaction to my comments has placed me in this dilemma.  



I have to decide whether to drag the good folks of Ventura County through the historic and ongoing aggression and abuse their leaders have displayed toward the homeless.  I have to decide whether to continue to expose their crimes and the compliance of the local press to push lies in response to the exposure of those crimes. 



 Or I can continue along the kum-ba-yah route I was traveling earlier, pre-No Go Zone, if I can pick up the trail again. Much easier said than done. Now, they’ve threatened my unhoused friends, with the help of the local press. Told lies, mis-represented stats and placed a bounty on us.

Since I’m right here, having my own rights violated like all of us, it seems like I should be the one to document and publicize this situation.  

 But this was never my intent, to get caught up in small town corruption.

The TDC Mobile Resource Van is coming to Vegas, I promise. I wanted it to be during this summer, but I know it will be a welcome addition any time of year.